How to Remove Safari Extensions on Mac

remove safari extension On Mac

Method 1: The easier way to delete a Safari extension

  1. Open the Safari app and go to the “Safari” menu and choose “Preferences”
  2. Go to the “Extensions” tab
  3. Click on any extension you no longer want in Safari and choose “Uninstall”
  4. Once you click the “uninstall” button, there will show a prompt for your uninstall confirmation. Just confirm Uninstall.
open safari preferences, click Extensions.
open safari preferences, click Extensions.
Confirm uninstall
Confirm uninstall

Method 2: Manually Deleting Safari Extension on Mac

Note:This may not work on the higher MacOs like Catalina. So use method 1 if you can not find extensions file in in
~/Library/Internet Plug-ins/

Sometimes if an extension is causing havoc with Safari, the Extensions manager won’t be able to load or the uninstall method above won’t work. This is somewhat rare, but it can happen in some particular haywire scenarios with an errant or incompatible extension that refuses to remove itself. If this happens, you can manually delete an extension by going to where Safari extensions are located in Mac OS and removing them, this is done with the following:

  1. Quit Safari on the Mac
  2. From the Finder, hit Command+Shift+G to bring up Go To Folder (also accessible from the Go menu) then enter the following path:~/Library/Internet Plug-ins/
  3. Choose “Go” and you’ll instantly be in the Safari Extensions folder on the Mac, delete any extensions you wish to remove from Safari
Manually Deleting Safari Extension on Mac

Don’t forget the tilde ~ (means home)when entering the file path to signify the users Extensions folder.

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